Thursday, October 30, 2008

Portion Controlled Candy

No, this is not a post telling you how much candy to allow your kiddos to eat Friday night.

It IS a post reminding you to stock up on Halloween candy as it goes on sale after Friday night. Why?

We don't eat a lot of candy in our house.... oh wait.... that was my original goal. We do, however, use our candy wisely. My kids get 1 Hershey's Kiss or something similar for "dessert" after lunch on Fridays--our special treat. My daughter gets a small chocolate something as a reward for having "dry and clean pants" after her afternoon quiet/nap time. You get the picture. Candy marketed for Halloween is a great source for these small bits and pieces. Candy corn, for instance, is individually packaged in small amounts--we would split one of those small packages between our three kids for a small post-lunch or dinner treat. Small candy bars, bags of Smarties, etc. are all great resources to have on hand--especially if you have a potty-training adventure just ahead of you!

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