Wednesday, January 28, 2009

A Day in the Life Of... Part 2

I wrote about an exceptionally busy day away from home just before Christmas. Today was a busy day mostly at home--quite typical in many respects except that we rarely run an errand on wash day; I don't know if I recorded all the laundry changes--there are usually 6 or so loads on wash day (hubby had a meeting at church tonight, so he won't be home until 9:00-ish).

  • Shower (6:30 or so)
  • Got kids up and dressed
  • Threw in 1st load of laundry (today's wash day after all)
  • Fed everyone breakfast (including dogs); human breakfast was scrambled eggs and leftover pancakes and tangerines
  • Thew in 2nd load of laundry--moved first to dryer
  • Phone call
  • Changed diapers, socks and shoes on, three raincoats on
  • 9:15-ish... left for mall (indoor playground)
  • Mall indoor playground time (just us--kids love it)
  • 10:00-ish... geared back up, bought pretzel stix on way out of mall
  • Hung out in mall foyer waiting for TORRENTIAL rain to stop
  • Gave up waiting and made a break for it
  • Quick Walmart run (rarely go to this place, but sometimes it's a necessity. Of course, they were out of the 1 thing I actually needed from there)
  • Back home
  • Lunch (noon?): pb&j, salad (yes, 2 of my kids now like salad!!!), cucumbers, apples
  • Kids run around house while Mommy checks email, cleans up lunch, loads a picture onto the computer, and yells at kids....
  • Story time (well, this is for preschooler after boys go down for nap)
  • Nap-time and quiet time (during which neither twin slept; preschooler was angelic, however)
  • Nap-time activity for Mommy: some computer time, switch laundry loads, plan dinner, make phone calls, etc.
  • Preschooler and Mommy make carrot-apple muffins for baby shower on Friday
  • Preschooler watches promised movie while Mommy finishes muffins, gets boys up, cooks pinto beans (for chili later), removes boys from counter/chairs a gazillion times, reads quick story to both boys, removes boys from broom closet, restores cardboard recycling to its rightful place in broom closet, hugs boy who got pinched by other boy, switches laundry, answers phone, makes tuna sandwiches for Daddy's lunch (for freezer)...
  • Dinner! (mostly leftovers plus some newly steamed broccoli and our now favorite yogurt/banana/honey dessert)
  • Kids run around while Mommy loads dishwasher and starts it
  • Bath-time! All three kids at the same time...
  • Diaper kids after bath, but not fast enough!!! One boy pees onto preschooler's towel (she wasn't still wrapped up in it), and then poops on it... (sigh... at least it's laundry day and there's 1 more load to go)
  • Pajama Time... oooh yeah, it's pajama time.
  • Nighty-night time for kids (6:40 tonight--no naps mean tired kiddos--it's usually between 7 and 7:30)
  • Switch laundry
  • Quick blog post (this)
  • Bible study for tomorrow
  • Kids' lunches and diaper bag packed for tomorrow (Bible study)
  • Folding all those loads of laundry while watching TV (feels quite relaxing!)

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