Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Spring Cleaning Update--Getting Things Done!

I said I was spring cleaning my life this spring, and boy, have I been hard at work! A quick list of projects completed to date:

  • cleaned out one attic section completely (we have three under the eaves of our house): everything that is in there is known by me, boxed/stored appropriately, and organized.
  • cleaned out daughter's room/closet
  • cleaned out my closet
  • cleaned out boys' room and closet
  • cleaned off kitchen counters (removing unneeded items, etc.)
  • cleaned out games/entryway closet
  • cleaned out laundry area
  • cleaned off/decluttered large bookcase in office
  • cleaned out some flower beds (not just weeded; actually got rid of some other plants because it was too crowded/cluttered looking)
  • pictures/art framed that's been sitting in my closet for 6.5 years....
  • chalkboard for kitchen bought (I've wanted it since we moved in 3.5 years ago....)
  • daytimer bought and now used daily
  • kids' clothes sorted and organized
Items gotten rid of so far:
  • Toys to grandparents' house (they agreed!)
  • 125 items to children's consignment sale
  • $75 worth of trade credit at local bookstore for books/movies turned in
  • large bags to Goodwill, including 25 items of clothing (mine), 2 pairs of shoes, old purses, other truly random things
  • transplants of Lenten roses and others to friends who could use them/wanted them
  • plain old trash bags of trash taken to garbage
  • hand-me-downs mailed to friends' twins
  • hand-me-downs mailed back to friends who loaned them to me in the first place
  • hand-me-downs mailed to nephew
  • hand-me-downs sent to friend's son
  • books sent to friend in Peace Corps
To do still:
  • clean out other two attic sections (a much bigger project than the first--sigh)
  • clean out upstairs linen closet (just did this a year ago, so this should go smoothly)
  • clean out downstairs linen closet (again, just did this a year ago, so should be quick)
  • clean out/declutter office and accompanying closets
I'm on the home stretch!

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