Friday, May 29, 2009

What happened to the last 6 months???

Ok...I haven't totally fallen off the face of the earth. Betsy has done such a wonderful job with posting blogs. Some of you might have wondered, "where is Carrie?" Well, all that to say...Carrie has been dealing with life. As many of you know life can fight back pretty good. And I have been mulling over many things in my head, that I would love to write about, but just haven't. So here goes my you can keep me accountable.

1. I don't want to write anything...I don't really feel like being spiritual. (Come know you have been there-it's my red flag of distress.)
2. Does my husband really think that his stress and the economy doesn't rub off on the rest of us. (hhmm...trying to refocus my job as a wife!)
3. Where has my child gone and who is this spawn of Satan in my living room...(Count to 10, repeat, repeat, repeat!)
4. Is God trying to test me...or is Satan attacking me (really I think it has been a little of both....I'll have to explain later.)
5. This is when I need a good local friend to initiate calling me. (Interesting...our Bible study just started a new book on women's friendships. Yeah, guess who should be #1....not my local friends.)
6. If I have to deal with my broken car or a house that I'm renting one more month...(there have been lots of tears shed lately!)
7. Do I really have to hear all these stories of other people getting anonymous $ for things and I still have to deal with #6 (yeah...bigtime contentment issues going on!)
8. I really don't know what to do with this I doing something wrong?
9. Everyone tells me to lighten's only kindergarten, but seriously the child has to learn to read! (kind of helping create afore mentioned spawn of satan!)
10. Does my husband really care that we never go on dates anymore??? (Well, schedule, more Satan attacking, more economy $$ issues, etc. Have I mentioned though, he has been the spiritual motivator in all of this-I'm failing miserably right now!)

So it all boils down to #1. I haven't really wanted to write anything. But you know...that's really life. And we have all been there. I'm just being honest to admit it. So hopefully in the coming weeks :-), I can post some of my learned thoughts on the above. Well, mostly how that shouldn't be life, and we can control things...we just let a fallen world get to us!

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