Friday, February 12, 2010

Happy Heart Day!

Valentine's Day is a made up day by the Hallmark folk, or so my husband claims. All humbug-ness aside :-), it's a very fun day to celebrate when you have children in the house. In addition to adding in a little extra romance this weekend, celebrate in some ways your whole family will enjoy as well. How?

1. DON'T spend a fortune getting them "Valentines." Come on, people, those huge Valentine's Day teddy bears and large boxes of candy ARE made up by the cards and gifts people.

2. DO show your loved ones you care by doing something extra special. How?
  • cards: make them or buy them--long distance family members especially appreciate handmade cards from their little relatives; buy or make cards for your kids
  • sweet treats: buy a small bag of pink and white M&M's or something special--it won't take much.
  • homemade sweet treats: more fun than candy is making your own heart shaped cookies and decorating them with the little folks in your life
  • heart-shapes: you can cut Jell-O jigglers, biscuits, sandwiches, etc. in heart shapes; don't limit yourself to cookies only!
  • chocolate: try some chocolate fondue for dessert or make homemade chocolate pudding or hot chocolate. Be sure to include whipped cream and sprinkles for extra special treats! You can even whip up a decadent batch of chocolate chip pancakes and top them with whipped cream.

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