Thursday, July 1, 2010

Poetry for Children

My kids and I really enjoy reading children's poetry books/anthologies together. It's a great way to introduce little ones to a potentially hard subject ahead of them in school. Our latest favorite is Sunflakes compiled by Lilian Moore. Terrific, kid-friendly rhymes and poems about ordinary subjects (spaghetti, the ocean taking your sand castle, and so forth) by well known contemporary authors. Check it out on your next library trip!

(For other recommendations, see my Poetry for Children Literaritea Post)

What's your favorite poetry collection? What is your kids' favorite?

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JSottile said...

I have written two poetry books that kids enjoy reading and looking at the sketches. As a teacher, I created poems that I thought kids would laugh out loud at, and ones that teachers would want to share with their students. The two books are WAITING TO SEE THE PRINCIPAL, and PICTURE POETRY ON PARADE!