Saturday, November 22, 2008

Enjoying the Holidays

This year, I'm 100% committed to enjoying the holidays, beginning with Thanksgiving: my all-time favorite holiday. What could be better than a day with family and friends, gathered around the best meal of the year, and thanking the Lord together for his abundant blessings?!

But I digress. Here's what I'm vowing "publicly" to not do during this holiday season:

  • Complain about dealing with other holiday shoppers (we're big fans of,, and other sorts of internet dealers!)
  • Complain about the weather (after all, that's partly why these holidays are so much fun--we get to snuggle up next to the fireplace!)
  • Complain about my waistline... ahem...
  • Complain about "all that I have to do"
  • Throw a big Christmas party that involves lots of work beforehand
  • Stress about getting the perfect gift
  • Plan lots of homemade gifts (I am working on a few that I've been working on... and they're almost done! No more after these are finished!)
  • Plan to decorate my house as if it was going to be pictured in Southern Living
  • Complain about traveling over the holidays
Here's what I'm vowing to do:
  • Enjoy teaching my 3-year-old more about the real meaning of Thanksgiving and Christmas
  • Enjoy giving gifts of all shapes and sizes to people of all shapes and sizes
  • Enjoy sending out our Christmas cards because it reminds me of all the many friends and family we have
  • Enjoy eating the luscious holiday treats... in moderation
  • Enjoy spending time with friends and families
  • Enjoy making sugar cookies with my daughter (and decorating them!)
  • Enjoy raking leaves and other fall-ish outdoor activities with my kids
  • Enjoy sitting before the fireplace with my husband (even though we'll be telling our kids "Don't touch" the whole time since they LOVE the fire screen...)
  • Thank the Lord for such wonderful reminders of his grace in our lives and Jesus's ultimate sacrifice on our behalf!
Happy Thanksgiving, Everyone!

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