Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Del.icio.us: Bookmarking Websites Online

I've heard of this website frequently--it's often listed at the bottom of a webpage or a blog post: "bookmark me on del.icio.us" or something to that effect. I ignored it.

Until recently.... I checked it out and realized the amazing potential to streamline my "online" time when it's not convenient for me to surf the web. There are other sites out there that do similar things (technorati, stumble upon, and others); I've just not checked them out yet.

Here's what del.icio.us does for me: it's a place online to store bookmarks--you know, you find a web page that looks interesting, has a good recipe on it, is a friend's blog, etc. and you don't want to lose the address. You can "bookmark" it through your browser. Well, if you're like me, suddenly the bookmarks in your browser's tool bar are extensive. A problem: if you're at someone else's house or at a different computer, you don't have access to them! Del.icio.us solves that problem by storing your bookmarks in cyberspace; you can access them anywhere you can access the internet.

How else is it helpful? Other people can view your bookmarks and you can view theirs, should you choose to do so.

Biggest benefit? You get a website link in an email from a friend--you're supposed to be checking your email QUICKLY and shouldn't be browsing around.... Just bookmark the site on del.icio.us! Find an interesting blog? A enticing recipe? Comparing camera prices? Bookmark those sites! You can categorize ("tag") your bookmarks however is helpful to you, so they'll be easy to find again.... WHEN YOU HAVE TIME.

Now, when I see something interesting in a blog, I don't have to follow the rabbit trail. I just bookmark it, knowing it's there when/if I have time. In the meantime, I will focus on the real live people in front of me who need me in the flesh. The internet can always wait.

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Lainie said...

Thank you for the explanation! With being fairly new to the blogosphere, I haven't had the time to check out all the things that often go with blogging. I've often wondered what all the other "stuff."

Thanks again :)