Sunday, April 5, 2009

Savoring a Cup of Tea: Let Your Light Shine....

Our Bible study teacher reminded us this past Thursday that there's no excuse not to live as a Christian, especially in front of our own families. We often let PMS, lack of sleep, crying babies, whiny toddlers, bad day at work, long commutes to and fro, school-aged kids reminding us at the last minute, etc. act as an excuse for not "letting our lights shine." The people around us most are usually the recipients of our less-than-Christlike-behavior, aren't they?

In my Bonhoeffer study (The Cost of Discipleship) that I'm doing with a friend, he also talked about letting your light shine; Bonhoeffer pointed out that men will see our good works--NOT US--and that will point them to Christ. In other words, it's not so much us that will be noticed. We will not be noticed. It's not about us. It's about pointing people to Christ--they might see our patience, our regular tithing, our training of our children, our faithfulness to show up for work and be pointed heavenward.

On top of these reminders to let my light shine , even when I'm not feeling like it, so that others may be pointed to Christ (and to quit thinking of myself--even the sermon today was on humility), my Bible study discussion group leader on Thursday also had a comment about letting our lights shine. It really sums this post up:

Let your light shine... even when your fuse is blown.

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