Monday, July 7, 2008

Somewhat Savoring a Cup of Tea

Well, this is Carrie. I know everyone has forgotten who I am :-). Summer and VBS, sports camp, mini vacation, etc. happened. Now I am in the process of gearing up for our first year of homeschooling. AAUUGGHH. I am chartering the unknown!

But here is my savoring. We have been going through a book, Treasures of Encouragement, in our Bible study this summer. One week we were talking about Mary and Martha, and how God wants what is best for us. That Martha could have had the attention from Jesus, even just by changing her heart attitude. And we talked about how as God's children, he always has our best in mind.

That led to, as parents, we always want what is best for our children as well. However, we tend to be Martha's and MAKE the best for our children: put them in the best school, play on the best teams, have the best friends, have the material things they need. Are we really wanting what is best for our children? In reality the best for our children is learning about and loving the same God we love, just like Mary. All the rest will happen, and the best path laid for our kids, by choosing to follow his guidance.

And if you are looking for ways to have your kids learn more about him...well look around you. "Spiritual" moments can happen anywhere. Who do you think created this world? We just had our kids at the zoo this weekend. It would have been a perfect opportunity to talk about how God created each one, or how they all fit on Noah's ark. (And to make you all feel better, we didn't think about that at the time.) And our 5 yr. old has been asking about how the moon, sun and earth rotate. Once again...who made them.

So take every opportunity, especially with school in the near future, to help your kids learn and love.

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Betsy said...

That reminds me of Dan's emphasis at Sky Ranch to look for teachable moments--often in nature--to tell your campers more about God. We can certainly do the same with our kids! Great post. Welcome back :).