Thursday, July 17, 2008

Super Fling Boogie: Linen Closet

The Fly Lady issues a "super fling boogie" occasionally and that simply means that you go through your "stuff" and get rid of the unnecessary clutter. Well, that's what I'm doing to the various closets in our house; there's a lot of unnecessary stuff taking up some valuable storage real estate (which is why, in turn, my counters and hallways are so cluttered). This experience has been rather humorous so far--why, I repeat, WHY do we not only save such random things but then actually box them up and move them from house to house?! Craziness.

Here's what I threw away (or donated to Goodwill where appropriate) from my linen closet and regular clothes closet:

  • 5 half-used bottles of foundation (I haven't bought any foundation/makeup in 5+ years, so this stuff was all definitely old...ditto for rest of the makeup listed)
  • 6 mascara samples
  • blush/makeup brushes losing bristles
  • sponge rollers that didn't work the first time
  • lipstick I can't believe I ever wore
  • random blush and eyeshadow supplies
  • lipliner
  • various other makeup items (nail polish in nasty colors, etc.)
  • extra long twin sheets from college (those who know me and my family will laugh at this: why I EVER thought I'd need extra long sheets for any of my family members is beyond me...)
  • random hand towels that are tacky
  • shoes I haven't worn in 4 years
  • a pile of t-shirts, sweaters, skirts, and blouses that I wore when I was teaching school but now are completely unnecessary to my current existence as a stay-at-home wife/mom or are just too ratty to keep around
  • baby gear that I've not used for the three babies I've am unlikely to use for another should the Lord decide to bless us with another baby

Incidentally, I found it amusing to look at what I kept versus what I tossed (tossed makeup, nice/dry clean only clothes, and high heeled shoes). I kept: first aid stuff, extra towels, extra sheets, easy care clothes-->I suppose this is evidence that my career has changed from professional/work place to home and child care.

My next closet project: my downstairs hallway closet that is housing china, crystal, silver, and other "finery" that I received as wedding gifts, some of which Ihave never used and am not likely to in the near future..... (I do use my china, crystal, and silver patterns occasionally when I entertain; the myriad candlesticks, crystal bowls, vases, platters, and the like might be up for grabs.)

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