Friday, August 15, 2008

New Kind of Teabag

Yeah, I know I have been absent yet again. I have been gearing up and drowning myself in starting homeschooling. Our local group met for a mom's night and one of the mom's there shared something with us. Several years ago, she was stuck in her prayer life and started taking verses from the Bible and using them to pray for herself and children. She would personalize them with their names. This is so great for anyone. It doesn't matter where your child goes to school, you can still have a prayer for them for the year. You know where they are, what they are struggling with and where they need to be. You can also have a prayer for yourself. Something you want to remember about God, his love for us, or how he cares for us.

So I am going to list the verses, one for student and mom each time. Not all will apply for you or your children. Some will. And if none do, find your own! Might be good to dust off your Bible for some extra study right!!

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