Sunday, August 17, 2008

The Struggle of Becoming Mom-Part 3

A long time ago, I started my series on the Struggle of Becoming Mom. My idea on part 3 was to talk about the loss of a child. Those that struggle with it. However, it is not always easiest to put into words what you do feel and what happens. And situations can be so different, each of us experience things differently. My hope for each of you is that if you do lose a child (miscarriage or other) that you too would experience God's "peace that surpasses ALL understanding." And would be surrounded by a body of Christ to meet your needs. My Bible study right now is going through a book and there was a story in it of a lady who had lost a baby. Another mother had written her a note, and it was so powerful to me that I thought I would let it speak for me. I don't know who wrote it.

This is the part of the letter:

"At the loss of a child find comfort in the sovereignty of God. There is no lost potential, no purpose unaccomplished, there is only the glorious plan of God perfectly fulfilled in a precious little life. With prayers that God will comfort your sorrow as we await the day when all things will be clearly understood."

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