Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Interesting Nativity Facts:

Well, I have a major cold, still haven't sent out the Christmas cards, and got sprung with a surprise appraisal on a very messy house. So, I thought I would just jot down some fun Nativity facts that you may or may not know (since the brain isn't going to produce anything else of value!)

1. We don't know if Mary rode a donkey to Bethlehem. It never says in the Bible. However, if she WERE to ride on something, it probably was a donkey because they were cheaper.

2. The Bible also doesn't specifically mention that they stayed in a stable. But where else do you find a manger.

3. I wonder if the shepherds abandoned all their sheep when they went and saw Jesus, or left someone behind to watch them...poor fellow who got left if that's the case.

4. They do say a new star was in the sky that night, and that the wise men noticed. They were Magi, which means they would know astronomy (not astrology as some thought).

5. There weren't just 3 wise men. Actually the Bible doesn't state how many there were. It was just plural, meaning more than one. They brought 3 different types of gifts which is where the 3 comes from. (Interesting...those are some of the same spices used for burials of kings I think. And they used to use them around the Tabernacle for sacrifices and to annoint the Tabernacle.)

6. The wise men probably came when Jesus was closer to 2 years old.

7. I wonder if Mary walked to Bethlehem and that's what put her into labor?...could have been part of God's plan.

8. "Santa" didn't appear until the 19th century. Which means he wouldn't be found kneeling at the manger. (Sorry for whoever likes those decorations.)

9. The day Jesus was born does not start the "A.D." (Anno Domini) System of dating. He was probably born between 7 and 2 B.C. But it is the basis for which A.D. was started...(maybe the Magi helped with that? Hhhmmmm....)

10. This is NOT necessarily the day that Jesus was born. It was just the day set aside for it, probably corresponding with a Roman festival or Winter Solstace.

Merry Christmas...Go ahead and make a birthday cake if you would like :-).

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Bridgette Boudreaux said...

I like those Santa decorations not because I think Santa was there, but if he were he would be worshiping the Lord. By the way, to the two of you "do" Santa? We are opting out but I know this causes some raised eyebrows.....