Monday, December 22, 2008

Wrapping Presents for Toddlers

Toddlers are still rather clumsy at opening the big gift-wrapped (taped and be-ribboned) boxes, so you might consider the following options:

Gift bags with lots of tissue paper; the sparklier and crinklier, the better--especially if a 1-year old will be opening it

Boxes where the lids come off and on easily; the Dollar Tree carries a nice little box set where 1 little box can fit inside the other. These provide endless sources of amusement for little folks who like to put things inside containers. A gift of socks becomes oh, so interesting and delightful when wrapped in one of these little boxes. The boxes are decorated, so you won't need to wrap it further.

Boxes gift-wrapped with minimal tape and a bow stuck on the outside instead of a ribbon wrapped around the gift.

For bigger gifts, just put a big bow on top of the item, unwrapped!

Another point to ponder: little folks often get overwhelmed with lots of presents, especially multiple toys/books. If you have a gift from a relative you will be seeing before Christmas, go ahead and let the child/children open the gift in the presence of that relative. Carrie and I used to get to open a present on Christmas Eve and/or one earlier in the month as well, especially if it was Christmas related (like fun socks).

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