Friday, December 19, 2008

Savoring a Cup of Tea: 1 Samuel

My friend Sarah and I are studying 1st Samuel together this school year. I have to confess that it didn't sound all that exciting before we began. I stand corrected! The Old Testament is always relevant to our lives because it all points to Christ and shows us how God interacts with his people. 1st Samuel is no exception. It is worth a reread if you haven't read it in a while!

What has stood out to me in nearly every lesson are the following:
  1. God is holy (read his warnings and then fulfillment to Eli and sons as a start...)
  2. God is sovereign
  3. God ordains authority (Rom. 13 relates here)
  4. God's authorities on earth deserve our respect because he put them there (Rom. 13 again)
  5. God protects his people
  6. God is trustworthy
  7. It is God's place to seek vengeance on our behalf; He is the Judge
  8. God listens to the prayers of his people
  9. God sees the hearts of men, not the outside; he seeks men/women after his own heart
  10. Christ came to earth in an unassuming manner, just like David's own anointing from an unassuming beginning; Christ is, of course, in perfect communion with God the Father, but David does foreshadow Christ's kingly role and the seeking after God's heart that is perfectly exemplified in Christ.

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