Friday, December 26, 2008

New Year's Goals v. New Year's Resolutions

I think New Year's Goals are important. The week after Christmas can be a good time to sit back and reflect on life, what needs to change, what needs to be maintained, etc. I always make goals as opposed to resolutions; the more concrete and measurable, the more likely you will follow through! Here are some examples of the difference:

Resolution: Lose Weight
Goal: Lose 10 pounds

Resolution: Eat Healthier
Goal: Eat 3 servings of veggies/day; drink 8 glasses of water/day

Resolution: Get in shape
Goal: Walk three times a week; run 5K in February; etc.

Resolution: Manage finances better
Goal: Balance checkbook every month; stay within stated budget; make a budget by end of January; file taxes by end of February;....

Resolution: Be a better mom
Goal: Read to my kids 30 minutes a day; go outside every day; pray with my children before bed every night; ....

Resolution: Keep in touch better with friends
Goal: Send birthday card for all birthdays on calendar; call 1 long distance friend/week; etc.

Resolution: Be more spiritual
Goal: Read Bible 15 minutes/day; Pray 15 minutes/day; do one Bible study with friend or group at church

It might help to think of different categories before making your goals. Once you have your categories defined, think through your ultimate priorities for those categories. Then, make some measurable goals. Categories might include: finances, health/appearance, spiritual health, family, home/property maintenance, etc. (These categories are inspired in part by Kathy Peel's Busy Mom's Guide--our current featured resource).

Happy Goal-Setting!!

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