Friday, June 6, 2008

Road Trip Entertainment

If you have a road trip coming up, I highly recommend getting some books on tape/CD to listen to with your family! I've been listening to the Narnia books on CD for the second time this summer and am enjoying them just as much as the first go 'round (2 years ago). The set we have has the cover pictured with the original illustration of Aslan. However, HarperAudio has changed it to the movie shot of Aslan. The new cover is on the set of CD's narrated by current British actors/actresses (the other is an older recording, but probably equally as good--I haven't heard it). The narrators are EXCELLENT and include well known names such as Kenneth Branagh, Lynn Redgrave, Jeremy Northam, Derek Jakobi, etc. Even my toddler is enjoying them (although she doesn't really get the story line). We bought ours at Sam's--if you see one of these recordings for a good price, it will be worth it. You might want to check the list of narrators if you care whether or not you're getting the older or newer version.

Other good recordings of children's/young adult books include The Secret Garden, The Series of Unfortunate Events (narrated by Tim Curry--not the author), Stowaway (narrated by author Karen Hesse), Charlotte's Web, Harry Potter series... Just check your local library and see what they have!

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