Friday, June 13, 2008

Sunday Morning Prep: Pew Time Cont.

I (Carrie), in response to Betsy's post, have a few suggestions for Sunday "pew" time. We had to go from total nursery, to having to stay in the entire service when our son was 4 due to our move/change in churches. Boy was it an adjustment for us all!! Here are some tips I have learned that have helped.
  1. Instilling appropriate quiet times, i.e. prayer. We have really been working on our son sitting quietly and still during ALL prayers in the service. Praying is quite important.
  2. Quiet toys. You can't expect young children to sit perfectly still for a 30+ sermon. Quiet toys include books, coloring books/drawing paper, puzzles, 1 or 2 "cars" (with no sound effects & nothing banging!). Biblically themed are added bonuses! You can even buy your child his/her own special Bible.
  3. Take bathroom breaks during standing songs or offering time, and sit with accessibility to an exit.
  4. Have silent discipline, like counting "1,2,3" with your fingers :-). Of course on 3 something has to happen, but do it once--they won't forget.
  5. Be a little lax...they are kids. Kids=noise. Fortunately in our church we are not alone...everyone has too. And many parents start with kids 2-3 bringing them in just during song time. They are not going to understand the first have to practice.

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Betsy said...

Great suggestions! We made it into the sermon again on Sunday night....