Monday, June 23, 2008

VBS Reachout Adventures

Carrie has been mighty busy these past few weeks, and one of her primary projects has been getting ready for her church's VBS. She's the "craft head trainer" or something like that. At any rate, I thought I'd do a little plug for the VBS curriculum they're doing. My mother-in-law happens to be one of the consultants for this EXCELLENT curriculum.

VBS Reachout Adventures is the name of the curriculum; this year's theme is "Olympion" and focuses on Joshua. (Of course it's supposed to tie in to the Summer Olympics). It just so happens that, long before I met my husband, I went to my grandmother's church's VBS and they were doing this exact program! It was an Olympics year, and they used VBS Reachout Adventures. So, I've had fun remembering all the things we did--I still sing some of those songs even though it's been 20 years since I learned them in VBS. I also still know the memory verses, particularly from Joshua 1. If you are at a church that is looking for a good VBS curriculum, file this away for next year! It's a lot of work to put together if you want to do it well, but SO WORTH IT. It's packed with Scripture memory, good teaching, drama, etc. etc.

So, there you have my plug. Carrie can of course fill us in after the week is over with how well it went. Maybe she'll even describe some of her cool crafts on Curing Boredom! (hint, hint)

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