Thursday, June 12, 2008

Super Daddy

This is a little post in honor of my husband, aka "Super Daddy." All dads of multiples have to pitch in a wee bit more than dads of singletons have to--especially during the baby phase. And when there's a young toddler in the mix, well, that service is just downright mandatory. My hubby has earned a terrific Father's Day this year for all his hard work this past year. He's fed babies (even mastering bottle feeding two at once!), diapered babies, read stories, rough-housed, taken a toddler on countless Saturday morning errands to give Mommy a break, put kids to bed, walked with a stroller, carried a diaper bag, done nursery duty at church, cooked a lot of hot dogs and served up lots of grilled cheese sandwiches, .... The list could go on and on! Lots of times, he's done these things after a long day at work.

The latest feat of Super Daddy has been putting up a swing set. This isn't just any swing set. It's the Manchester II by Play Safe (shown in picture). All three of our kids can swing on it at the same time since we replaced the rings set with a swing (two swings are now infant swings). Happy Father's Day to Super Daddy!

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