Monday, February 16, 2009

Another Call to Action: Fight FOCA

You can sign the petition to fight the Freedom of Choice Act here. This is another scary piece of legislation in the works. Carrie has alluded to this before, but I don't know that we've put the link directly on the blog. Pass it on to your friends and family! 

What is FOCA? It essentially does away with all restrictions or limits on abortion as currently practiced/allowed in the U.S. There are some scary statistics out there, folks, including the amount of partial birth or late term abortions already allowed due to women's "health" (which can include mental, "perceived" health issues). There's an excellent analysis of what this act includes and what it will restrict here The three most disturbing aspects to me are the elimination of parental consent for minors, the elimination of safety standards for abortion clinics (why would abortion advocates be wanting this??), and the elimination of the legal right of Catholic and other religious hospitals to refuse to perform abortions based on religious grounds (we had all three of our children in places which did not perform abortions--that was one of the reasons we chose those institutions and health care providers!).

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LuvtheWord said...

Thank you so much, Betsy. I think that we, as christian women, have the great responsibility of respresenting God's love for life! I appreciate the practical info and reminder about the waves that could be crashing "on life" very soon.
- Julie