Monday, February 16, 2009

The Great Gardening Game 2009

Looking for free entertainment for your wee ones? Looking for a way to be "green" and more "organic" in your kitchen/eating? Looking for a way to get more exercise? Looking for a fun hobby? Look no further! It's time to think about that garden!

Already? You ask. Yes, indeed my friends. You should have been armchair gardening in January and have headed out to Lowe's or gone to Park's for some seed by now for most of the USA (if you're in the Deep South, you could probably have already planted stuff outside by now!).
I took some pictures yesterday of the bare dirt/leaves in our "garden"--the back 40 (feet) as I call it. Always fun to see what it used to look like before we start our (ambitious) garden. We'll be starting seeds in flats in our basement under flourescent lights (really, these are vegetable seeds! Nothing illegal going on here, I promise, although the picture certainly looks sketchy).

It is worth trying to grow a few things this year--get to know the Lord'
s creation a bit more intimately and get a better appreciation for the food that lands on your table. So, I'm encouraging everyone to think about it, to let their kiddos get their hands dirty, and to learn to like a new vegetable or appreciate an old favorite fresh off the vine. It's such a great reminder, too, that the Lord is really the source of our food--when you're watching the weather, trying to diagnose a pest problem, harvesting something--all of it reminded me of who is really providing me with my daily food, whether it comes from a grocery store, the orchard up the road, or my little backyard garden.

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Anonymous said...

I am sooooooooo ready to get back outside in the dirt again!! Someone gave me a copy of How to Store Your Garden Produce by Piers Warren for my birthday this week and it has made me eager for spring!