Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Scary Times=Call to Action

If you have been in unpolitical bliss (as I often am!) it is time to wake up. There are some major things trying to go down that we, as citizens (and hopefully Christian citizens) need to be aware of. So I am going to pass along two websites:

1. www.parentalrights.org = If you are unaware, the UN is trying to pass this whole rights of the child bill. Basically, it would give the government much more control over our children and how they are treated. They would have access to all kinds of records (medical, school), they could step in and take the control of raising our kids away from us. It is really quite scary. There is a nomation for David Ogden to become deputy attorney general and he wants to push this. If you don't realize how scary this could get go to the website. Even better, contact (email, write, call) your representatives to oppose him and oppose the US signing this bill the UN has in place. We have not signed it yet.

2. www.familyresearchcouncil.org = This is another fabulous sight. Both sites you can sign up for regular emails. This non-profit group is based in Washington. They keep a perspective of family values first, and keep you updated on things happening, bills coming, the whole stimulus thing, etc. It's a great way to stay current on events, especially if in my house, your TV hardly gets turned on for the news due to kids.

I highly encourage you to check out both of these!!! There are a lot of things happening in our government right now. These things could greatly affect us, and how we can and choose to raise our families!! And if you want an even closer touch with what is going on, join a Concerned Women for America group in your area. I have and it's great. I keep current on more stuff, and we have a regular prayer time for all the government things happening. Plus, I get contact info of all of our local and national leaders/representatives. So if you haven't done so yet, voice your opinion. This is our country! We get a say!!

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Betsy said...

didn't realize you'd joined a CWA group--neat. I may have to look into that. The websites sound great. I'll check them out!