Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Spring Cleaning My Life

Those who know me know that I'm on a constant quest to simplify and streamline my life while at the same time enjoying collecting things and living a life in a state of chaos. How to merge these two? I've tried countless organizational systems, had friends come over to help me declutter, read helpful websites, followed the Fly Lady's system, etc. Nothing has really seemed to click as far as a workable solution/system for my current state of unpredictability. 

Until yesterday... when I discovered Simple Mom. Just the title was enough to hook me. I've already been decluttering and cleaning closets like mad in order to recapture some storage real estate that wasn't being used to its fullest potential, so I'm in the zone, so to speak, to declutter and organize. Well, some of the forms and suggestions on Simple Mom have got me thinking... and I think they just might be a good fit for me! Simple Mom is written by a Christian although she doesn't mention her faith on the site; she does, however, claim that it informs her views on things. 

Why am I telling this to the blog world? Well, I'm hoping to spend the month of March doing some "spring cleaning" on my house, my time, my priorities, my task-lists, my routines, etc. I might even do some spring cleaning on this blog (Carrie and I've talked over ways we can make the blog more accessible to people, articles more easily found, etc.--any thoughts are welcome in the comments section). So, you may not hear much from me these next few weeks (even though so many terrific blog posting ideas are floating through my head...). Carrie's busy with home schooling and managing a preschooler, among other things, so we don't hear as much as we'd like from her these days, either. Don't give up on us! We'll still be around and enjoy hearing your comments!

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