Thursday, February 26, 2009

Sacrificial season of Lent

The season of Lent is here. Many of you may have chosen to give up something as a way to focus on the events surrounding the Resurrection of Christ/Easter. I too thought I would give up something, so I picked my two weaknesses: Sweets and Coffee. Now I have to say, I am addicted to coffee, and it's hard to pass up dessert. But, my sweetness giving up is a little selfishly motivated (I have GOT to loose weight.) My coffee was more of, I don't usually survive without it, I think it makes me edgy, time to cut back.

WELL...I did refused the chocolate chip cookies the boys got for lunch, BUT absent-mindedly snacked on Fruit Loops a minute ago, and caved into my coffee abstinence this morning because I have no caffeinated tea on hand. What's wrong with me!!

All that to say, it's a good thing we have a gracious Savior, who refused to give into temptation, weakness, even though the end was met with death. Even at the pivotal moment in the garden, praying "not my will but yours (God's) be done"!

And I can't help but think...what would I do if I knew I only had 40+ days left to live. Most of us would probably do everything extravagant we could think of. Go places, see things/people. One last hurrah! After all, we're going to heaven right?! What did Jesus do? He kept ministering, healing, and teaching. Even days before he was arrested, he was still performing miracles. He even had the one who was going to betray him in his midst, and yet he still showed love to him.

So, even if we don't make it through the season of Lent (:-)), we can still learn a lot about where we fall short, and where Christ didn't.


Betsy said...

Great thoughts, Carrie! Thanks for sharing....

LuvtheWord said...

Such excellent thought there, Carrie. Thank you. I never really thought about "the last 40 day urges" of our flesh ... What a great way to prepare for the celebration ofe the Resurrection!
- Juli