Saturday, February 9, 2008

Carrie's Bio

I am Carrie, sister of Betsy both by blood and by Christ. I have a wonderful husband and two active young boys. We had been married for 6 years when my life on cruise control spun out of control. The events of the next two years would begin to re-shape and repolish my life. We were faced with putting our ultimate trust in God. We were at the end of our rope financially, we on threads marriage wise, and realizing how the things of this world had totally taken over. So my husband quit his job (a major factor!). Thus began a journey consisting in faith God would provide (which he truly did, and too long to detail now), another move, and starting on a new life. Although we were trying to refocus, deal with young kids, trying sometimes to get my house clean and decluttered (you try that with boys under your roof), I was still feeling the need to slow down and start new. We had finally felt at home, where we belong and were moving in the right direction. Then God slowed us down again, and we lost a little boy my 16th week of pregnancy. It was around that time I had been feeling the need to spend more time with my kids, not so begrudge my daily chores, and try to become more of the woman God wanted me to be. After talking with Betsy and hearing other women voice the same concerns we started working on The Tarnished Teapot. Yes, there were plenty of other "self-help" blogs and websites out there, but we both felt the need to have one really place the focus on God and what he is doing in our lives, be REAL about what can be accomplished with little ones running around, and help each other help our lives.

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