Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Meaning of the Polishings

We have several different needs in our busy households, and odd amounts of time. Therefore we have come up with several types of polishings, both for ourselves and for those in our households.

Polishing your Teapot
This label refers to the polishing we need to do to ourselves. The Holy Spirit and the Word of God are the real polishers, but we are commanded in Scripture to examine ourselves, to seek the Lord first, and to obey His commands. These posts are attempts to do that.

  • Our "Tea Bags" are quick verses and ponderings, a drop into your cup to think about in your life. If you like, write these in a journal and meditate on them throughout the day. Better yet, memorize the scripture. It will surely come back and help you one day.

  • "Moments to Steep": These are self reflections brought about by different issues in our lives and the scripture that has been placed on our hearts to help us deal with them. We all have struggles, and we hope by sharing our struggles and answers in Christ, we can help you with your struggles as well. If nothing else, you will see that you are not alone!

  • "Savoring a Cup of Tea": Really pondering what a piece of scripture, advice, sermon, book, etc has been teaching us. Our "cup of tea" will be either revisiting scripture we learned a long time ago or something new to make us think. These are our thoughts that have made us slow down, think hard and savor-What God is doing in our lives, and what are we doing in return!

Polishing Your Children
This label includes all sorts of reflections, tips, ideas, and issues related to our children's growth and development.

Polishing Your Family
This label includes our attempts to polish our families: to do things together, to honor the Lord with our family's actions as a whole (budget, activities, etc.), and to grow in our faith together.

Polishing Your Home
This label includes our reflections on our attempts to polish our home; this is perhaps the most practical of our labels. As stay-at-home moms, our homes are in constant need of polishing--even if it's just picking up dried-up Cheerios or creating a better laundry system.

Polishing Your Mealtime
So much information and encouragement is out there about eating healthily, eating as a family, eating organically, eating responsibly,.... the list could go on and on. At times it is truly overwhelming. So, in this label, we will be musing over our attempts to provide our families with good food that fits within our time and budget. We cannot do it all, and you will see our tips, survival tactics, recipes, and other things related to getting that family to eat well and together!

Sharing a Pot of Tea
Sharing a pot of tea is sharing what you have learned with another and ways to do it. These are stories of ways we've been ministered to by others (especially other moms) and ways we've tried to encourage others (especially other moms).

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