Saturday, February 9, 2008

Why the "Tarnished Teapot"?

We all love either tea or coffee and a quiet moment to drink it. The name evolved in searching for the right birthday gift for my sister. We had both been struggling with our time, our mothering, our messy houses, and trying to become a Godly wife and mother. Feeling quite "tarnished" myself, and knowing Betsy loved tea, I (Carrie) created the tarnished teapot. For just as our teapots, we can shine and sparkle and look perfect; however, with our daily struggles and the world bearing down on us, we slowly dim and loose our focus. We all need "polishing," restoring and repairing to remember where our focus needs to be. So shine your teapot, as you shine your life. And maybe, as we encourage each other, our teapots won't tarnish so often!

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