Thursday, February 28, 2008

Cottage Cheese is on Sale!

Carrie and I were brought up in a frugal household; when something we use a lot is on sale at the grocery, we stock up! So, I stocked up on cottage cheese recently. Really, I stockpiled it.... My kids LOVE it, so I figured that 6 24-ounce containers would get eaten in the 4+ weeks we had before the expiration date (it was a really good sale!). Well, I didn't bank on 2 weeks of sickness during which we consumed Cheerios (dry), chicken soup, and water.... So, now I'm faced with a refrigerator full of cottage cheese and about 10 days to go. Nothing ventured, nothing gained, right? I'm now armed with lots of delicious, healthy recipes that the entire family (10 months, toddler, adults) can eat and enjoy. They sound sort of "earthy" or super-healthy, but I promise they're good. And, really, the entire family likes them, even my husband! Here's a short list:

1. Cottage Cheese and Spinach Gratin (essentially a crustless quiche; my toddler can consume her weight in this)
2. Refrigerator Cheesecake (yummy!); Yogurt-Cheese Pie (untried); Cottage Cheese Pie (untried)
3. Cottage Cheese Pancakes (taste like cheese blintzes; my boys loved 'em, and my toddler ate 10 of these at one sitting--no joke!)
4. Vegetarian Casserole (beans, rice, cottage cheese, shredded cheese--simple and so tasty)
5. Meatless Manicotti (we grew up eating this; filling is zucchini and cottage cheese--and I'm not normally a zucchini fan)
6. Black Bean Lasagna (very, very tasty--even for meat lovers)

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