Monday, May 5, 2008

Top Five Bridal Shower Gifts

Some bridal showers have themes (gardening, cooking, lingerie, etc.). The following list is assuming there is no stated theme. These are gifts which Carrie and I have both given and received and come highly recommended, particularly when you are giving the gift to someone you haven't already known for decades. Always give a gift receipt; new brides are often swamped with duplicates and need to return items.
  1. Something from the registry
  2. Something from the registry
  3. Something from the registry
  4. Something from the registry
  5. Gift cards.
I'm serious, folks. Unless you know that couple so well you can predict exactly what will make their day extra special, then stick to their requests!!!! Very often, the list contains truly essential items (dishes, towels, kitchen appliances) that the couple probably can't afford on their own. We get to help them set up house.

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