Thursday, May 15, 2008

First Words

My friend Bridgette's son Ethan recently said his first word: "Uh-Oh." (Congrats, little E!) She wondered if it "counted" as a first word. I said it absolutely did! My boys just had their one-year check up and our pediatrician reminded us to be on the lookout for meaningful communication. She gave us a number of "words" for which to be alert in the next few months; we're hoping for 10 or so for each boy by their 15 month check-up. What counts?
  1. any actual (recognizable) word, even if said only one time
  2. any meaningful syllable if repeated for the same object/event consistently (in other words, even if the sound is nothing like "cup" but is spoken every time a cup is offered, it counts)
  3. for multiples: if one babbles to the other and he/she responds with a meaningful action (like handing the first a toy), then apparently they have "spoken" to each other
So, what were your children's first words? (My daughter's was "dog"--probably because we have two 100 pound labs that love our children almost as much as we do)

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