Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Top 5 Children's Cartoon Movies & TV

Well, we all know there is time spent in front of the tube. I don't think we have posted this yet. Here are my kids top 5 movies, and then top 5 tv shows. Betsy will have some variance (like her daughter likes Mary Poppins and we don't have it.) And these are all geared toward 5 and under.

1. Curious George (I know top for Betsy too!)
2. Toy Story (Both 1&2)
3. Robin Hood-the cartoon of course
4. Beauty & the Beast-yes, my boys like it too!
5. Winnie the Pooh
(And any other Disney and Pixar cartoon could fit!)

1. Curious George (PBS)
2. Clifford (PBS)
3. Bob the Builder (PBS)
4. Thomas the Tank Engine (PBS)
5. Tom & Jerry (WB?)
*I like PBS a lot because generally the cartoons are better, and you don't have bad commercials in the middle of shows!!!

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