Friday, March 7, 2008

Happy Birthday, Carrie

In honor of Carrie's birthday, I thought I'd post a little list of what her family and friends like best about her. I was originally going to list 30 things since she's turning 30, but certain things especially stood out in the lists people sent back to me. So, I'll highlight those special traits with a little acrostic. This is a surprise to Carrie!

C-Child of God and growing every day in wisdom and knowledge of Him
A-Artistic and creative: loves scrapbooking, cake decorating, anything "crafty" (and encourages her children to be artistic, too)
R-Resourceful: finding ways to help support her family (cake decorating and other part-time jobs); looking for activities for her family to do; searching out the best resources for her children (such as kids' music); making things at home instead of always buying them;....
R-Raising boys and proud of it! She delights in her young family.
I-Idea factory: always coming up with new ideas
E-Energetic, enthusiastic, and "feisty"

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