Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Satin Hands

My hands have NEVER been as rough and dry as this winter; all day long, I have my hands in water: washing hands after diaper changes and toddler potty visits, preparing bottles, preparing food, giving little ones baths, etc. They've even been so rough and dry that the skin on the backs of my hands has cracked and bled, my husband hasn't wanted to hold my hand, and I've not wanted to touch my babies' faces. And they hurt! Well, my sister used to sell Mary Kay, and I thankfully still have some of the products I acquired through her. One of those is the Satin Hands system. This is WONDERFUL!!! It really works (and I've tried a lot of other lotions this winter). I'm indebted to Carrie forever for introducing me to it. My hands healed up after a couple of days. It works by getting rid of the dry skin on top and then deeply moisturizing. If you've got dry hands and know of a Mary Kay consultant, this product is worth buying.

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