Tuesday, March 4, 2008

No Crying Over Spilt Milk--That means you MOM!

As a mom, we all have days where we want to throw in the towel. We are going to start a running list under our new heading, Spilled Milk-NO Crying. Here is my (Carrie) top 10 hilarious antics and other random behaviors from our children that have happened through the years to get us started:

10. Spilt milk: this happens often, and always RIGHT AFTER I have mopped the floor. And usually it is done on purpose by the 2 year old, because it is just so much fun! But can be followed by the 5 yr old on accident, and then dog water bowl spilled....why do we clean, why, why, why.

9. Mud Puddles: This is often too, with boys. One day my oldest, with his neighbor friend had SO much fun in the puddles, his friend exclaimed it looked like he was covered in chocolate! My son had to strip in the garage...even his underwear was brown!

8. Sprinkling the Floor: We were letting our 2 yr. old run naked after his bath. We got involved playing a game of puppets out his closet door. He was having a blast, until he got quiet. Then, you guessed it...a puddle on the floor! Good thing we are prepared with carpet cleaner.

7. New box of cereal: After just returning from the grocery store, I was attempting to get all unloaded. My youngest was left alone on the kitchen floor with an open box of Kix (which we had probably opened halfway through shopping to appease him!) Well...you guessed it. Kix ALL over the floor. He was having a blast. He even had them stuck to his behind, so when he sat down there was periodic popping.

6. Sprinkles: My 5 yr. old likes to put sprinkles on pancakes, and we do so from time to time. On a normally hectic morning, we had eaten and I was in the living room helping him do something when it dawned on me to check on the 2 yr. old. He was at the table, half of the sprinkles dumped out on the table (big container too!) and was proceeding to face first eat them. He had a red, green and blue covered face, lips, tongue, you name it. And the sprinkles had been dumped out right on the crack where a leaf is added to the table, so now they were all over the floor as well. There was such a big pile, I scooped up a lot with a spoon.

5. When our first was almost 3 he starting wanting to chew gum. He had a peice in his mouth when we headed to church one day. We couldn't find it when we got there, and didn't think much about it in the rush. We discovered it when we got home and were changing clothes...stuck fast to the inside of his shirt. Some things just aren't worth the trouble!

4. Dirty Diaper Dilemna: On the way home from family vacation when our first was about 6 months old, we had just gotten in the car and started on our way when....sniff, sniff, uh-oh. No big deal...we pull the car over at a rest stop and attempt to change the "stinky". The "stinky" had run out of the diaper, all over the really cute outfit and onto the car seat. Where were the change of clothes....IN THE BOTTOM OF THE TRUNK, under all the beach gear. After a whole tub of baby wipes, outfitted in just a diaper, we were off on our way again. First stop: a store that carried baby clothes-he got a new outfit!

3. Mr. Fix It: Our oldest used to have a Power Wheels Jeep that he loved! He also loves copying daddy. So one day, left to his own devices, I checked on him while he was outside riding the Jeep. It had been driven up and parked on Daddy's two car ramps, the hood was up, and with Daddy's tools, he was "fixing" the inside, checking the brakes and so on. (Now if we can just teach him to do it for real!)

2. Raisin up the Nose: Yes, it does happen. Our son came to me telling me he had a raisin up the nose. I didn't believe him. I looked...it just looked dark. Then I felt...it was so far up there I had to get the tweezers out and use them. Thankfully raisins are soft and the tweezers worked!

1. 911 calls: No this was not for an accident, thank goodness. But I will never let my kids play with the phone again. When our first was barely walking, he was playing with the phone on the floor one day. Lazy mom didn't feel like getting up, and what harm could it do. Finally a call came in. It just showed a county number. When I answered the battery died, so I hung it up on the charger and figured someone would call back. 15 minutes later a knock on the door. It was a police officer, asking if someone had dialed 911. A call had been made, and there was no response on the end of the line. When they called back, and my battery died, they sent an officer to check it out. Mortified, I showed her our son, that the phone died, was back on the charger, and all was well. Until 8:30 that night, knock knock. SAME police officer. Someone had dialed 911 (this time for real) about something abuse related. It was at a close by house with almost the EXACT address as ours (people made mistakes all the time regarding the two houses). They assumed it was ours. It took my husband a few minutes to really convince the officer that nothing was wrong with us, and finally the correct address was discovered of the real call. Story doesn't end...a few days later guess who calls 911 again. Yup, our son. This time I caught it, got a lecture from the 911 operator, and have since guarded the phone from our little hands.

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Bridgette Boudreaux said...

The sprinkles story just made my day! I can just picture a 2 yr. old face down in a pile of sprinkles....kind of sounds fun!