Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Savoring a Cup of Tea: Fruit of the Spirit (Peace)

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But the fruit of the Spirit is...peace. I (Betsy) have been amazed at how much my own attitude affects those of my family. This is true for all the fruits of the Spirit, but I think peace is a particularly appropriate one in which to examine our roles as women in creating an environment that nurtures this precious fruit. Carrie wrote a tea bag that alluded to this idea and referenced James 3:17 in which the wisdom of heaven is described as being peace-loving. Like all the other fruits of the Spirit, I pray that this one will be evidenced in my life more and more as I grow in Christ. But, I believe there are some practical things we can do to create a peaceful environment--to make this fruit of the Spirit a desirable one.

Background Music/Noise

The background music/noise you allow in your home is one area. Is the TV on all day even though no one is watching? Do you have peaceful music (I love classical music, and it is quite soothing to little ones) playing during those hectic moments (dinner prep!) instead of loud, chaotic music? Or perhaps, you play nothing at all and allow your family to appreciate the quiet ambient noise of birds outside.

The Tone of Your Voice

Another area to consider is the tone of our own voices as we talk to our children, greet our husbands, admonish our little ones, answer the phone, etc. Your husband and children will only benefit from a well-modulated (peaceful) tone of voice rather than a strident, angry tone. Your peaceful tone will do wonders in soothing ruffled feathers; Proverbs 15:1 says, "A gentle answer turns away wrath."

There are many other areas in which we can promote peace within our households. It's worth thinking through how our actions, words, and demeanor help or hinder the Spirit's work in this area.

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