Thursday, April 10, 2008

Avoiding the "O" word!

Trying to avoid the "O" word? Aren't we all.

I'm talking about Over-Committed!! Which can lead to overtired, overworked, overstimulated, overwhelmed, overweight (yes that too!), and any other "over" word you can add. What's funny is that people have talked about how NOT to be over-committed for years, yet I still haven't seen much proof. And there are lots of down sides. I have strived so hard to start becoming UNover-committed (not sure I am succeeding), but here are a few pointers I have learned to keep in mind when scheduling your lives:

1. Your spiritual quiet time: Most important! A woman leading a Bible study did an illustration once. She filled up a container with lots of small beans (daily tasks). Then tried adding 3 golf balls (ex. quiet time, prayer, church, etc) into the container. They of course didn't fit. BUT when she put the 3 balls in FIRST, then poured the in the beans, it all fit just fine. And pray about what you need to be involved in!

2. Families come first: If you don't have time to plan a few sit down family meals a week, then something is a problem. I'm not talking about families where the husband has to work out of town either. You can also plan family nights of games, movies, or just play time. We loved this growing up. Make your family your priority.

3. Sports/ballet/gymnastics: Oh yes, we all know little Johnny will be a star soccer player at 3 right?! Now I don't think it is terrible to start kids on some sport young. They will probably have fun. Just control it. You can't be on a ball field and soccer field at the same time. And kids don't have to start sports early to be good at it either. Most kids don't know what their favorite sport is yet, and many who start later are just as good, if not better than the rest of the team. Sports also mean time commitment. We are in soccer right now and ever Saturday morning is taking up for 2 months. So plan accordingly, and don't over plan-neither you or your kids will have any fun.

4. Friends: I get so busy, many times I hardly have anyone over for dinner, play date, whatever. My house is also not clean because I am not here to do it. But, it is also hard to really get to know friends, or your kids friends, if you don't spend good quality time with them. And that can't happen racing to the car for the next event. But I can honestly say, those I know best are those that I have either spent good quality time over dinner, small play date, or similar where we can really interact. It doesn't take much either, then you can maintain through phone calls, or on the side lines of a soccer game easily.

5. Frazzle Dazzled: Don't be afraid to say NO! If you are tired, frazzled, and frustrated, your kids probably are too. Kids thrive on schedule and security of home! And the overweight part...well if you are on the go, your meal will be too and that means usually more fat, higher calories.

I have really learned to be content and not feeling like I am missing out if not involved in every single thing. No one thinks less likely of you if you aren't. I have also been so worn out before that I just haven't enjoyed life. Learning to back off allows us more family time-more closeness to what matter most!

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