Monday, April 21, 2008

Laundry Triple Threat

After our birthday festivities this weekend, here's a short list of stains I treated this morning: ketchup, green and blue icing, chocolate, Cheeto crumbs, baked beans, ..... I've worked out a laundry triple threat for stains that almost always works (it doesn't work great on grease, but that's about it). ALL of the above stains came out--even from solid white shirts. Here it is: pre-treat with Stain Stick (or the gel variety). Wash clothes in warmest water they can take with good regular detergent* and a generous scoop of Oxy. Ta Da! Stains come out! Anyone else have a system they'd like to share?

My neighbor swears by a healthy pre-treatment of dish soap (worked into the stain vigorously) on grease stains; I've had moderate success with this treatment and think I just need to work the soap in a little more. Simple Green is another laundry booster, similar to Oxy, that supposedly works great. Haven't tried it yet--anyone else out there tried this one? With grass stain and popsicle stain season fast looming, we need to get our strain treatment strategies in order!

*I've been a die hard Tide user for tough stains/laundry needs, but just recently switched to the Sam's club brand (Member's Mark); the container looks the same as Tide and I believe it's their comparable product. So far, I've had great success!

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Bridgette Boudreaux said...

For grease or fat stains, my grandmother swears by Murphy's Oil Soap. I haven't tried it but I'll let you know if I do.