Sunday, April 13, 2008

More on the "O" word

In thinking, I came up with several more points of over-commitment that I hadn't mentioned before. So here are a few more pointers.

1. Church volunteering: This is a major area where I think a lot of people over-commit. Well, it's ministry right? Really take into consideration what the commitment entails. And if you are spending all your time with the church, your family may be suffering or you will just get really burnt out. Try to focus on one area that you know you do well and enjoy! And don't be afraid to say "no". It may open up the door for someone else to minister that has been wanting too.

2. Older children and activities: When your kids hit junior high and above, you may just feel like a taxi driver. Wearing them out is not best either. Our parents let us play sports/extra activity, but only 1 sport at a time. AND, if our grades were to ever suffer, well that was it for us! You can also volunteer to help your child's team or group. You can coach, judge, cheer, provide snacks, or something to stay involved with them and spend more quality time.

3. Plan it: Get a good calendar or day planner. And before you commit to something, check the calendar! My favorite calendar now is one that has lines for each individual person. So if a doctor's appointment is scheduled I can at a glance tell who it is for.

4. Simplify: If you are on the go, simplify things at home. That way, when you drag in at the end of the day all tired, you can rest and not worry about the clutter. And plan a good cleaning day each week. The carpet won't vacuum itself!

5. Homeschooler beware: Homeschoolers can fall into a really big over-commitment trap just by running around to different coops and events. Try to attend field trips where all the kids can participate and enjoy them. You can also plan coops at the same time for different ages-only one place to drive to. And for older ones, plan carpools for their classes so you can stay at home some with your other younger kids.

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Betsy said...

Great insights, Carrie!!