Friday, April 11, 2008

Resource of the Month Review: Faith Pointes

Faith Pointes by Barbara Barker and Denise Hamilton is an inspiring read. The book is based on Barbara's life and a Bible study she developed. The "pointes" in question are essential elements of the Christian walk.

Barbara's voice is strong in the book--you can close your eyes and hear her saying every word. For those unfamiliar with the Barkers, Frank and Barbara have been used by the Lord mightily, both as church planters of Briarwood PCA in Birmingham (a "megachurch") and in individual lives of the many people to whom they have opened their lives (and hearts and home). Barbara has a background in ballet, and has founded and taught with the Briarwood Ballet. In the book, Barbara includes stories of amazing answers to prayer, her own struggles as a young mother, and her life as wife to a pastor. She also includes a chapter detailing her own conversion and the subsequent work the Lord has done in her life.

The book is organized by chapters devoted to an essential element of the Christian life (i.e. faith), each followed by discussion questions and a Bible study on that particular element. Individuals or groups could easily use this book as a jumping off point for further study.

Carrie and I are privileged to know the Barkers personally, and we both tremendously enjoyed this book! Barbara has meant a lot to both of us.

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