Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Top Ten Children's Birthday Presents, part 2

These are some good birthday present suggestions for young children (say, through early elementary) whom you know well (i.e. your own children, your nieces/nephews, your grandchildren, perhaps children of close friends). If you need some suggestions for children who are mere friends, see part 1. If in doubt that the child in question is still "into" something or wearing a particular size, you can always check with the parent.

  1. Nice books (in addition to fun stories, think about children's encyclopedic books--like ones on animals, dry-erase activity books which teach drawing/writing, or nice editions of classics)
  2. Subscription to a children's magazine (like Cricket, Click, Ladybug, etc.)
  3. Pass to zoo, museum, or other such destination
  4. Additions to an existing collection (such as Hot Wheels, Geo Trax/Thomas train sets, doll house furniture, etc.)
  5. Constructive toys (blocks, Legos, Tinker Toys, etc.)
  6. Arts and crafts supplies (Color Wonder equipment, drawing paper, colored pencils, even a fun smock or craft kit)
  7. Something homemade (if you're good at something, use that gift! My own children have received very cool board books illustrated by one grandmother who's an artist, a darling smocked dress by one grandmother who sews well, mugs painted by their very talented and crafty aunt, wooden puzzle made by their dad, etc.)
  8. Complete outfit in current or upcoming size (i.e. matching shorts and shirt, even pajamas)
  9. Bug jar/butterfly garden (these can be found at pet stores as well as at Wal-Mart, Dollar Tree, etc.)
  10. Age-appropriate quality movies or CD's (perhaps a favorite of your own family's, a classic, or simply one you know the child would like)


alli said...

I meant to tell you this the other day, when I gave you that book for the kids. When our niece turned one, we gave her the same book but also recorded a CD of us (her aunt and uncle) reading it to her. It adds a bit of personalization to the gift.

Tarnished Teapots said...

In addition to clothes, you can give cute kid towels too, or sheets/blankets, etc.